Power Failure During Plotting


is there Any WAy to if system restart for some reason to recover mined plot?.

last night my pc was reboot and i lost almost all work. all files are in temp folder. its almost 9 plots. some of .temp comleted.

is there anyway to use these working files.or all i need to replotting?


Sadly it’s not possible after a reboot.

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oops that is not good. even u have all files in temp folder.
developer should add this feature

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I don’t think it is possible for them to make that a feature because even though you would still have the temp files, you lost all the calculations/encryption and everything else that was in memory. So what is left is just broken, unrecoverable garbage.

At least that is my understanding.

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Sound right,
so all who are new should OFF Your windows auto update.
i found what i did wrong

And sleep. You can actually recover and not lose plots from sleep, but you lose time.

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