Power Supply Recommendations for the open frame Chia Case

Hello Good People,

I’m looking to see if anyone has power supply recommendations for this case?

Not sure how popular it is. But surely there are others who frequent this forum that use it, as it seemed like a good idea in theory when I first found it.

I posted in this forum previously about suspected power supply issues I was having with my chia machine. I think my power supply is functioning correctly, but the issue is that it only supplies 20a on the 5v. So more than 18 drives on it, it starts having problems where random drives will go offline. 18 or less drives, and the power supply is solid and no drives go offline, so I think that’s pretty definitive.

I saw a posting from someone else who uses this case, I think in another forum where he has a 2nd power supply sitting loose on top of the case. I don’t really want to do that.

The highest amps on the 5v I’ve been able to find in a normal ATX form factor power supply is 30. If I replace the current power supply with one of these, I’m certain I’ll be able to install more drives, but still don’t think it would be enough fill the case out with drives.

There are lots of server power supplies that should be able to supply 40a on the 5v, but they won’t fit right in this case, and I’m not sure how to wire it up properly and safely anyway. Safety is of the utmost importance. I don’t want to burn my apartment building down. So I’d be nervous about doing any custom wiring. Plus I understand server power supplies are loud, and the Chia machine is currently sitting in my living room.

It’s frustrating, cause the power supply that’s in it, is an 850 watt unit, so I know it’s capable of putting out more power than it currently is, but not at the right voltage. Anyone know of a good and safe way to do this? Like some kind of converter that could take the power output from other ports on the power supply, like a pci-e one and convert them to what a sata hard drive needs. Preferably a way that is easy for someone like me to do, who will catch fire to his apartment if he does any kind of custom electrical wiring in a computer?


I know exactly what u mean

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I have one of these frames running only about 25 drives though. I power everything with a Seasonic 850w PSU with splitters pretty easily. It’s been running 24/7 for a year or so already without any issues.

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I think I can answer your question, first of all, 34 HDDs require 5V current as 34 * 0.6 = 20.4, the average current can be obtained from the graph below, where the largest current consumption is the 12V current at startup. For ATX power supplies, the USCORSAIR HX1200 and above are a good choice, they have a 5V output of 25A, or you can choose the GW-EPS1250DA, which has a 5V output of 30A. If you choose a server power supply, it is recommended to use GW-ERP2U700, a very cheap server power supply, 5V has a current of 38A, in my system, he drives 24 disks, very quiet.
I’m from China, my English is not good, the above are all from Google Translate, sorry.



I have this Chia Case with a total of 29 drives and 3 SSDs. My ATX is a Corsair TX750M and it works like a charm.

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Interesting. It looks like that has 25a on 5v. I’m probably going to buy a Corsair HX1200 which is 30a on 5v, and I’m thinking I’ll be OK with that. Thanks,

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Thanks, I’m probably going to buy the Corsair HX1200. Everything I’ve seen says that its 30a on the 5v. Hopefully that’s enough. Thanks for your help and pictures.

Don’t do that! high wattage PSUs are way too overpriced. Just get two 600W power supplies and connect them via this

This is how most GPU mining rigs work (or used to)

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Yeah, I’m with you. I may ultimately have to get a different case anyway. Again, this case seemed like a really good idea at the time I bought it, but a lot about it sucks.

I was about to pull the tripper on purchasing the HX1200 and realized it’s a bit larger than the current power supply, and the clearance for cables with the current power supply is already tight. It would be impossible with that one.

Sigh… As with many of you right now, I’m loathe to spend a whole ton of money on my chia rig, given the low price of xch right now.

Anyone gone the Etsy route, and just bought the 3D printed bits to mount your farm computer parts directly to a wire shelving unit? This is seeming more and more like a good idea the more I think about it. Definitely eliminates some farm expansion issues. And I already have a wire shelving unit I could use.

In China, you can have a GW-ERP2U700 and power backplane for just $25.

USCORSAIR HX1200 outputs 30A current, 25A is a slip of the tongue, how can I edit my post.