Powerful setup performing the worst

Just bought a New setup, ASUS MB z590 tuf gamming plus, CPU i9 10850k, 2 x 32 gb DDR4 3200 mhz HYPERX and 2 x 2 TB M2 NVME, It’s taking over 24 hours in 6 parallel plots. First, Just found out It can only run one RAM card, cause the frequency is too high for the CPU. And the parallel plotting time is worst than the my old setup wich is and Ryzen 5 with 16 MB Ram and 1 tb M2. Does anyone know How to solve the RAM issue without selling the RAM? And is the New setup performing so bad?

What type of NVME? Why do people leave out the most important info? Not all NVME drives are created equal… some are quite poor…

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Why would you not be able to run 3200mhz memory? Should by fine on that board

Hey @codinghorror ,

Is disabling the nvme cache a good practice for plotting?

Sorry, bro its a 2TB ADATA xpg Gammix S5

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The board its ok with It but CPU isnt. My stupid assI didnt know memory had to bem compatible with both

Unfortunately, this drive is gonna do poorly for Chia because it has low sustained read/write perf

Thanks for the answer, i thought the 2 TB “space” had a bigger impact on the parallel plotting and high speed read/write was better for singular plotting

I have somewhat same problem I’m on Windows 10 on an Asus tuf x570 - ryzen 3900x - 48gb of ddr4 3200 ram 2x8 gskill ripjaws 3200 and 1 32gb patriot viper gaming
And last but not least 2 nvme m2 1x Corsair mp510 920gb and 1x crucial p5 2tb bot gen3 I think
Was trying out to plot 10 parallel 3x Corsair and 7xCrucial with a stagger of 30 mins and settings 2 threads 4000 ram it takes close to 18-20 hours to finish the 1st plot.
Am I missing something?
I’m plotting on GUI cause I’m a clueless noob about powershell and cli.
Any advice ?