Powershell: Crop output or redirect to file

.\chia plots check > output.txt

doesn’t work. The file is created… but no content. Everything is displayed on the screen.
Neither via CMD nor via PowerShell

.\chia.exe plots check | grep "Testing plot"
identical. Doesn’t work either.

A reduced ad would be good ala:
grep "Testing plot" AND grep "Proofs"
Then I would have the plot file and the proofs it contains.
I don’t need all the other output

How do you do this ?

For some reason, the output is sent to “standard error”.

If you run:
.\chia plots check 2> output.txt

…the above will write what you are looking for to your text file.


Windows does not come with “grep” (although there are free grep.exe downloads available).

However, Windows does come with “find.exe”
It does not have all of the features of grep. But for simple searches, it works well.