Price crashing sub-200

Just got 3 alerts on my phone back to back with price breaking through the $200 floor.

That’s not good :frowning:

Edit: (Acme anvil sound)

There is good support at $200 against what appears to be one seller who has dumped around 15,000 XCH today in half and one million dollar blocks.

Buy, buy!

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Interesting! Got a block explorer link to share?

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At this moment, you need to have about 130PiB to get 1,000 chia per month, as such 15 months to get that much (yes, it was easier before). That may mean that some Chia exec just jumped ship or some founder dumped his portion.

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Current netspace has little relevance to past farming results. There were a number of OG whales and sharks fully plotted at genesis. My biggest regret in XCH is that I still had a number of empty drives at the start because I didn’t ramp up plotting fast enough before the genesis block. The Prefarm is unspent.


Because of the coin model that Chia uses you can tell easily that the coins containing the pre-farm all exist unchanged. They havent been spent.

Chia Network pre-farm tracker (

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Hey you are right - it’s climbing back up. Did you buy?

I’m a farmer not a trader.

If I was a trader I would definitely have my buy order set at $200-$210, but a good case could be made for buying now at $225.

I’m an Aspy, and have followed the markets since my dad lost a quarter million when I was a kid. When I pay attention to a particular facet I tend to come up with some pretty accurate data. :crazy_face:


interesting to see some big whales battle, good sign for chia…

As Chia drops to $210 today I would like to introduce a cheery note.

Over the last seven days Chia is up vs Bitcoin, Ether, and Defi.

It is the crypto market that has driven Chia from $225 to $210, not Chia itself.

While I believe the early price of Chia was too high, I think $200-$225 is a solid bottom for Chia assuming the entire crypto market does not implode.

I’m a farmer not a trader, but if I had the fiat to spare I would be buying Chia at the present price.


I have bought 18 coins recently at around this price and am happy with my purchases.

I also pool with 180TB.

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where do you guys buy XCH?

Search in google for, “where do I buy Chia coin * your country *”

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Check CoinGecky or CoinMarketCAp and go to the ‘Markets’ tab to see where the coin is exchanged.


Here’s something optimistic in these hard times: Chia Network (XCH) Price Prediction For 2021 2022 2023 2024 & 2025 ! Technical Analysis & Targets

Thanks for sharing that link - I don’t need to keep looking sideways at my rack now :slight_smile:

Although that article really says nothing - it just makes statements and issues vague predictions based on nothing. It might well even be GPT3 output given how woo woo it is.

That said, I do think that the price of chia is going to increase once it gets on to exchanges and starts seeing some use as digital currency and NFT platform