Private plotting service - EU

Hello everyone.
I have some SSDs but almost no free HDD space left. Since drives are pretty much impossible to buy in my country as of today, i’m looking to sell all the plots i can make.
I’ve just finished moving hardware around and i expect to be able to output 2-4TB of plots per day.

I would prefer to work with someone who can setup rsync or FTP server on their end, so i’d just offload batches of plots directly to your storage as soon as they are done, bypassing any kind of file sharing service.
I have a gigabit network, so my effective upload speed ranges from 30 to 70 megabytes per second depending on the destination.

As always, this should be quite safe, since i only need your PUBLIC keys to plot. I can do a free test batch, of course. I’d prefer one customer with 50+TB to fill to a lot of customers with 2-3TB orders, but i’m open to suggestions. I believe 2.5$ per plot (assuming rsync\ftp setup on your end) would be a fair starting price to negotiate. Non-default k-sizes are also negotiable.
PM me if you’re interested.