Problem in Chia 1.3


it has been more than 14 hours, trying to log in, but the program has not yet been contacted

The problem appeared after the new version of the program

please help

Can you check the logs for errors and post them here?

This is what’s inside the file

Doh, it’s making me log in to a Google account to view and I don’t have one. Are there any WARNING or ERROR entries in there that tell what’s going on or show what it is stuck doing?

Just run

findstr ERROR c:\users\desktop\.chia\mainnet\log\debug.log

This will filter out errors from the current log file.

Although, if you already have problems, I would just revert to v1.2.11, as too many people have issues with this release. It may be not worth to fight those problems.

Same thing, what is my problem ?

Did you reboot your box?

Chia has problems with db corruption (both blockchain and wallet). Most likely that happens when you restart chia / shutdown your box. When you shut chia down, open file explorer, and point to your blockchain db. Chia is fully gone, when you will have only two *sqlite files there - no *shm or *wal anymore. If those *wal / *shm files are still hanging there, give it a minute or two. If that doesn’t help, hope for the best and reboot. Restarting chia at that point is not safe.

That usually means that your wallet db is busted. Check your config.yaml, whether it still points to your wallet v1 db. If it does, kill that db, and restart/reboot your box first. That should give you UI working, but your wallet db will take few hours to sync.

Until now I can’t log the connection and access the wallet

Did you reboot? Task manager shows that the chia daemon didn’t start. If that process will not start (apparently it aborted, and chia developer didn’t bother to check the exit code and produce a relevant error message, so we all can enjoy the view), nothing works, just worthless spinners.

Maybe you can:

  1. kill chia
  2. reboot
  3. delete c:\users\desktop.chia\mainnet\log\debug.log
  4. start chia
  5. wait a minute
  6. open command prompt and run that findstr line few posts above
  7. paste the output with those new ERRORs (don’t use google docs, as not all of us are fans of that, plus it is easier just to paste it here)

I am not sure, whether you are waiting for something to happened on that screen, but that screen and the Task Manager (no daemon, no start_full_node, no start_wallet) mean that you are SOL, so no point to wait (if it doesn’t fully open in few seconds after providing the fingerprint).

Nothing will happen. It is just screwed up app that cannot give an error message on major errors, instead just produced that worthless spinner.

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