Problem moving from GUI to CLI

Hi fellow co-farmers,

í´m currently on windows GUI using all my plots on space pool. that works well.
What i want to do now, is to use Chia-Docker on another system. I have that installed, and synched, so full node and wallet are fine, upnp is disabled on one system already. Using this new full node´s harvester to send the found blocks over to the windows GUI full node´s farmer works well. By that, the windows GUI farmer sends the partials to the pool.

The problem is: when i try to use the chia-docker full node´s harvester and farmer on their own, the system apparently doesn´t find blocks - so no partials and using CLI command chia plotnft show gives the following answer:

Current state: FARMING_TO_POOL
Current state from block height: 868319
Launcher ID: 560XXXX4f
Target address (not for plotting): xchXXXXna
Number of plots: 0
Owner public key: a11XXXX50
Pool contract address (use ONLY for plotting - do not send money to this address): xchXXXXlt
Current pool URL:
Relative lock height: 64 blocks
Exception from ‘wallet’ <bytes32: 560XXXXf2>
Unclosed client session
client_session: <aiohttp.client.ClientSession object at 0x7XXXX0>
Unclosed connector
connections: [’[(<aiohttp.client_proto.ResponseHandler object at 0x7f3XXXXe0>, 72XXX2.032XXXX4)]’]
connector: <aiohttp.connector.TCPConnector object at 0x7XXXX0>

Could any of you eavluate what is wrong here? On this machine, i didn´t create a plot nft yet, but apparently it know that i´m on space pool. How can i bring my plots in here to be seen and used for pooling with space pool?