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Good evening guys I have a couple of queries from chia and mad Max plotter

It turns out that I have 3 pc and supposedly the worst one is the one that plots the fastest and it does not suit me if someone can give me a hand

1 pc
I7 6800k 3.7ghz 8 cores 12 threads
64GB ddr4 3200mhz
Nvme Kingston 2500 1tb 2.5gb read / 2.4 write
Asus X99 Deluxe II motherboard
Hdd various sata 6gb

This plot with an 11-wire configuration is taking me a plot every 1 hour and 39 minutes.

2 and 3 pc same characteristics between both and supposedly something better

Intel xeon E3 2660 v3 2.9ghz 10 cores 20 threads
128GB ddr4 2133mhz
110gb RAM disk 4.7gb read / 4.5gb write
Nvme kisgton 2000 1tb 2gb read / 1.9gb write
Huananzhi ad4 x99 2.0 motherboard (Chinese board)
Hdd various sata 6gb

These plots are being taken out every 3 hours and 45 minutes with a 15-wire configuration

The xeon are configured with RAM disk that should end the plots flying but they take three times as long as the other pc, what can I do, I have installed the drivers for the Chinese plate, the ones that are clear, and the others I have searched with Drive booster .

It has more threads, the RAM disks are faster than the nvme Kingston 2500 but nothing, I don’t know what else to try, any suggestions ???

Win 10

Ultime versión 0.0.5 Max ploter
Sorry for muy englis


The cores on the i7 are faster, and the RAM is faster - there are more factors (particularly in the conventional phase 1) than the I/O speed and number of threads.

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So, according to the data provided, do you think the times are correct for computers 2 and 3?

Thank you

I’m not sure - I haven’t got exactly the same hardware to test, but I wouldn’t say that the 2660 specs are that much better than the i7 specs.

according to my point of view the specifications of the xeon are much better than those of the i7, the ram disk works at a speed of 4550mb which is double that of the kingston,

but the reality is that the xeon takes 2 hours longer than the i7, there must be something wrong and I can’t figure out why that bad result.

RAM disk should be as Temp2 dir. You may check with Task Manager → Resource Monitor and check what is the bottleneck. which phase are taking longer, when comparing Xeon plotter and 6800k plotter.
Speed is one thing, IOPS also important.
Xeon plotter set at increased threads, not default = 4?

thanks for your reply

Phase 1 takes the Xeon longer, twice as long.

the correct temp2 with ramdisk.

I feel the ignorance what are the iops?

My dual E5-2650V2 (total 16 cores) 320 GB DDR3 ram 8x 3TB SAS 7200rpm HDDs, was doing 13000 seconds per plot like yours, but managing to do two at a time (so effectively 6500sec/plot).

I changed my ram to max-performance in the bios, allowed processor to use turbo mode, updated all drivers, updated my disk controller firmware, ran primocache and allocated 10gb of ram, changed ramdrive to OSmount (previously using Imdisk), this dropped the single plot to 6000 or two at a time in 10000 seconds.

I have changed in bios memory speed selected to 2133, my Chinese motherboard does not allow overclocking.

where can I update the firmware of the hard disk?

What do I have to allocate 10gb of cache memory to?

Thank you