Problem with an NFT

Hello, here i have problem with my wallet, i have an NFT but i can’t see them. I try using Chia wallet on pc and this my problem. Pc only support with 24 word pharse but my wallet with 12 word pharse… can somebody help me to solve it?

If you have recorded a 12 word mnemonic, im not sure what you recorded, all mnemonics are 24 words to my knowledge.

Do you still have chia installed on another pc?

Yes i still instaled, coz at thats time i only have mobile and don’t know about chia wallet on pc only support 24 word.

So you have no plots that your farming?

No ser, i just wanna see my NFT ;( when chia on pc support 12 word :frowning:

Which mob wallet are you using?
Ive never used one, but id advise asking whoever made it how you go about getting your nft’s of it.

I using nucle ser, when i create that whallet i choose 12 word, ik its my bad but :frowning:

Not yuur fault, but the nucle lot should have more info, this isnt a problem ive ever seen discussed before.
Good luck

Did u know another wallet to seen an NFT ?

I have no idea what wallets if any are compatible with nucle mnemonic if any, id ask them.

I mean any wallet with NFT support

The only one i know of is the one youve failed to get to work, but ill be honest, ive never looked.
Even this wallet doesnt show them afaik, but ill be honest, ive never even attempted to look at mine or send them.

So sad hear that sadly