Problem with farming

I dont know what is going one gui its updated and its all good few days its showing that is farming but dost show plots and dont get rewards . If i restart it its strats again and after few hours goes down somethimes few days and again .
Anyone have same problem ? Can u please help me . Thank You

whatz the issue???

are u fully synced?
can you see your plots???

winning takes time unless you are in a pool…

Thank you fornquick replay.
Its working now but probably will happen again .
Soon it will happen i will make photos . Plots are visible . Im fully synchronised and im farming in chia space pool .
Im using windows 10 for it .
And i dont know why its working ok sometimes for 2 days sometimes for few hours only and then chart on gui goes down to zero but plots are visible and everything looks as should be .
Thank you
I will make photos what is happening when it stops again

just check logs why guessing

Maybe a fix would be to setup a system restart every couple days to reset everything. Or at least just a reset of chia. Make it automated.

But it sounds like you’re having some sort of connection issue. Could be getting connected with the crappy nodes or something.

If resetting the client fixers the problem. Automate that.

Start by checking that your disks remain online when system hangs. If you cannot see the disks from explorer and see the plots inside them then you probably have problem with your connections. Maybe usb problems if you have external disks. If using internal disks then you might have problem with your hba card getting hot