Problem with new full node installation - multiple keys?

i´m currently setting up a new full now and run into a problem: i gave it my original mnemonic seed and it started to sync. For the full node, i copied my existing DB file over before starting the full node so that one is already synced. The problem is my wallet: while it is still syncing (from 0 up, i want to let that be built freshly), i see that three databased grow: three files named blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_XXX (with XXX being three different fingerprints). Running chia keys show it also shows these three keys. Currently two of the files don´t grow anymore, one continues to grow. But i´m wondering: the file that grows is not that with the number of my original fingerprint which matches the seed mnemonic, but has a different fingerprint (with other keys). All plots that i have use the keys of the original mnemonic/fingerprint. Any idea what actually is going on ? I checked my original installation and there is just 1 DB file for the wallet - and that one has the correct fingerprint in its name.