Problems on Ubuntu


Trying to install Chia on ubuntu.
Installation went with no problems. Started gui, entered wallet address.
Two problems:

  1. After i shutdown chia application, restarted ubuntu and tried to start the node again, it told me: “App must be installed or in venv”. Strange. I’ve reinstalled it 2nd time. No errors. Started no problems (wallet address remain, that’s OK). Quit, restart, And everything from the beginning? Is there any way to run in faster without installation every time?

  2. Tried to start ploting, but got this error:

How should i solve them?

thank you.

Edit: I’m sorry didn’t notice you are using the gui, below is meant for cli users,not sure about this problem…

You have to be in the python venv for things to work properly. My typical check my node process is…

ssh into node

cd ~/opt/chia-blockchain
. ./activate
chia show -s && chia wallet show