Profitable plotting

I have an i9 processor (20 threads, 10 cores [INTEL Core i9 10850K 3.60GHz]) and 64 GB 4000 MHZ RAM. I have also 1x2tb 980 pro, 2x1TB 980 pro m2sata disks.
How many plots can I add the most profitable in parallel? How many plots can I write in parallel?

How long do you think it takes to write 1 plot with such a system?

I did a test, 3 plots in parallel with the following settings took 5 hours.

Plot Size :101.4 GB
Max Ram Usage: 3800
Number of Threads : 2

I’ve got a similar setup. Same CPU, drives and such. Lower RAM.

Create different queues, each using 2 threads and default amount of ram. Stagger the start, so when the first 2/3 leave phase 1, the others begin. You can get up to 7 plots going like this - Maybe more considering i’ve got less storage (only 2tb) for plotter and ram (32gb)… But i get up to 7 safely. Don’t strictly tell it to run in parallel, just create separate queue names and let it rip. Im sure you can automate this using like plotman or something but i have no gotten into that… yet.

I’ve heard that increasing to 4 threads and 4500 ram helps speed, but idk how it affects the total number you can do at the same time and such… I have not tested.

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Thank u for ur valuable reply.

The RAM usage is clear. It is clear how much resources it uses there anyway. But the threads are a bit complicated.
The cpu in the source on this link is as follows. CPU is limited by this formula: (Cores + Threads) / 2. Accordingly, I can start 12-13 plots :slight_smile: Of course, it is unclear what will happen.

How many plots can you write a day with this system on average?

nice post. Congratulations. But according to this logic, I can write 10-15 plots in parallel in my system. But I’m not sure exactly when and how much to give plots timing. Do you have a suggestion?

For example: “According to your system, you can do it like this …”

“Firstly Start 3 plots in parallel. When they get to stage 2, start three more, bla bla bla”

In additionally thank you forum staff. Very helpful everyone. Thanks.