Progress bar is not progressing

gets stuck while doing plotter. I waited for 2 hours and it remained at the same point.

I added 6 plots in parallel. (3 plots of them 1TB Samsung 980 pro, 3 plots of them other samsung 980 pro)

The config I gave to each plot:
Plot Size: 101.4 GB
Max Ram Usage: 3800
Number of Threads: 2

My computer features:
INTEL Core i9 10850K 3.60GHz & GSkill 64 GB 4000 MHZ RAM.
I tried it 2 times. In the same place, the plotting process gets stuck.

Do you have any suggestions?

If that place is around 31%, that is normal. Just wait it out.

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Not %31. It stopped at the 90% and 87% levels. Although I waited for 3 hours, it did not change. Logs did not progress either.