Projecting 28 hours to sync and that's the fastest it's been. what's wrong?

i have tried everything to fix my syncing problems the 8444 port is open, i have manually added many peers and nothing works. i finally just gave up and abandoned my wallet and deleted all my chia files, re downloaded the app and started a new wallet and now it’s syncing 11667/315,000 an hour but this still seems terribly slow.
What’s everyone’s average sync times?
Neither my farming pc or plotting pc have been able to sync at a reasonable rate or even sync the initial Node to the network, i have literally never been able to get any wallets to sync over the last 7 days. PLEASE HELP!!! i am at a complete loss for ideas,
thank you for your time any and all help is so appreciated

Try the new release 1.1.6. It is supposed to fix syncing issues.

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sadly all attempts since yesterday have been made on 1.1.6

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You don’t need to sync a system that is dedicating to plotting. Your plotters only need to know about two things: Your pool public key and your farm public key. As to why it’s taking you a long time to sync, I don’t know exactly but sounds like you may have two systems behind a firewall, both playing the upnp game. You only want one system doing that behind the same public IP.

I don’t think going from zero to sync in 28hours is bad. Iirc it took me about 36 hours.

unfortunately my farming pc spent over 3 days syncing before i linked the plotting pc to the wallet, or even downloaded the app to my plotting pc.
and i tried disabling uPnP on my plotting pc but it didn’t help. i abandoned the original wallet and started syncing on my plotting pc so that i can just copy the db file over to the farm as this is the only idea i have left.
i just dont understand why the farming pc cant sync itself. today would have been 7 days that the farming pc spent plotting 2 plots and trying to sync for about 4-5 days, it

that’s what I’ve heard from other people and many people online say 8-10 hours is minimum. but i see people sync in under ab hour and it makes me certain there’s an error occurring that’s keeping my pc’s from ever reaching full sync and keeps them syncing at appalling rates