Proliant DL380 g6 Server slow plotting

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to set up a new plotter.
I have an old HP proliant Dl380 G6 with 2 x5570 CPUs and 160GB Ram DDR3.
With the 128GB i created a Ramdisk and i also created a Raid 0 with 6 SAS 10k drives with the hardware controller.
I downloaded the latest madmax plotter and test-created a plot using 16 threads.
That was awfully slow…It took 4.2 hours to finish a single plot.

From reseach that i made that shows to be pretty slow, or am i wrong?
I’m plotting on windows 10, i know it would be better on linux, but i’m not familiar with the OS.
Any help would be apreciated…

Thanks in advance.

What parameters did you use for Madmax? And yes, that’s really terribly slow.

-t D:(raid 0 sas drives) -2 R:(Ramdisk) -d D:\Final(raid 0 sas drives) -r 16 -u 256 -v 128
I used the same disk as final directory because i was just doing a test plot, I can use a usb3 external drive as final directory, i don’t know if it makes any difference.
I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong…

So you save plots to the same raided drive you use to plot them? … You might want to use -w so as not get the drive too busy writing the plot at the end whilst plotting the next one. Or save plots off to another drive.

Best to use only the number of actual cores you have so 8 not 16 in your case. You can watch task mgr to see if that brings your CPU to 100% on average, and if not maybe try adding a core (so +2).

You might also try reducing buckets to 64 (so go the other direction). That should use more memory and less disk action, esp. if you raid is not really speedy.

-K to give x2 threads for P2 only

Try -t D:(raid 0 sas drives) -2 R:(Ramdisk) -d D:\Final(raid 0 sas drives) -r 8 -u 256 -v 256 -w -K 2

Bottom line, you really just need to play around as every system has different strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you Fuzeguy.

I will try your suggestions and will reply with results.
I don’t know how to play around, but i’m trying to learn…
Will it help if i partition the Raided drive and use the second partition as final directory?Or will i use -w parameter in both cases?

If you make two raid drives, not partition one, it may help, but why would u keep plots on a raid anyway? Plot storage is better on a slow, big drives, not raided ones that are best at speeding thruput - but can fail and lose everything on them.

I don’t want to store on the raided drive, this is only until i solve the puzzle of my snail plotter.

I updated the hardware controller drivers and firmware.
I also used your suggestion
With :
-t D:(raid 0 sas drives) -2 R:(Ramdisk) -d D:\Final(raid 0 sas drives) -r 8 -u 256 -v 256 -w -K 2

I Get this :

With :
-t D:(raid 0 sas drives) -2 R:(Ramdisk) -d D:\Final(raid 0 sas drives) -r 8 -u 64 -v 128 -w -K 2

I got this:

Should I let it finish?
It feals like forever… :frowning:

Looks that you are CPU bound, I.e., your CPU is just too slow. Memory is nearly full, and I see at times your HD is at 82%. For a comparison, here is your CPU and the CPU I use for farming only not plotting. That old Ryzen costs used these days ~$175, used, but it runs laps around the x5570 > UserBenchmark: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 vs Intel Xeon X5570.

I would say that the gear you have is not very useful for plotting, you’ll never get many plots, and is a waste of electricity for what you get. No insult intended, just the fact of the matter. If you can afford something more current, it will save time plotting, energy while doing that, and actually do some useful plotting, which is what you want…all while saving your sanity.

Maybe a used EBay system?

thanks for your reply.
I checked the average cpu mark of my CPUs and that was 3276

i checked also the manual of my server and the highest cpu that fits is x5670 which has an the average cpu mark of 6116

Now this guy is claiming to create 24 plots per day (52 minutes)

I found Refurbished x5670 on ebay around 20 USD each.Should i make a try, or am i just wasting my time?
If its the CPUs fault, i don’t mind buying them, i just want to be sure.


Impossible for me to judge, honestly. It’s your money, time, and results. Everything works. The X5670 looks to be faster, but it’s all relative. Here’s my plotting CPU vs those. My 22.5 minute plot times don’t seem very fast to me anymore, but they get the job done. Likewise, you need hardware that works for you, your pocketbook, and your situation. It’s all good!

Ok …
I formatted the server, installed Ubuntu and …that didn’t work :slight_smile:
I couldn’t restart the computer and i couldn’t log in.
I tried to find some answers on the Web but in the end i resigned and went back to windows 10.
Installed drivers and created a test plot in 3 hours.
I searched the eBay and bought a pair of x5670 for 42 EUR with shipping included.

Great CPU you got there my friend!Great results also!!
But consider that the whole server costs the price of a 2TB nvme, not to mention the “endurance” fact on the SAS drives, or the BIG price difference in the Ramdrive.
I was plotting also on my main computer with an Samsung 870 evo.After 50TB of plots my SSD had 85% health.
Also that server is dedicated only on creating plots, so i can use my main computer to do whatever…
What i’m trying to say is , there are benefits using this old grandpa.
52 minutes is a great result for and old Xeon from 2011, if i can reach that timings, i will be ok.

I’ll install the x5670s and post the results for future reference, for people in similar situation.

I installed the x5670s booted windows everything worked ok.
i fired madmax plotter and
I got the same results as before…
I tested 1 plot and it tool 3 hours to finish.

I played with the settings many times(threads,buckets) but i get the same outcome.

Something is surely wrong and i can’t get what it is.
I’ve seen posts from 12 to 32 plots per day with the same CPU.

Please Help… :confused:

I have a bunch of DL360, 380, 165´s and similar, a few with similar hardware as yours and i never got any good results in Windows with any of them. I have 5540´s and x5650, 140gb-ram and 4x600gb sas drives in some, and some has nvme-drives. They all do a plot between 40 and 50min with Madmax, and Ubuntu.
Table 1 is 19 secs, as a comparison.

When installing ubuntu on a HP server of G5, G6 or G7 models, you need to start with Ubuntu 16 desktop (18 might work, never tried it) - and then update it to 20, not sure why but i have not got it to work on any of my machines no matter Generation. Ubuntu 20 server works fine though.

After installation of 16, just open a terminal. Run these commands
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo do-release-upgrade

It might want you do reboot between some of them, but after 2 rounds with these you have a working Ubuntu 20.

Thank you very much for your input Fatviking.
Do i need to have ext4/xfs/else? Or stick with ntfs?

I use EXT4 on my storage drives and XFS on the NVME´s, have not tried anything else. SAS-raid is regular ext4 too.

Ok…i will try again with Ubuntu 16, as you suggested…fingers crossed
I will report afterwards.