- a new location-finding game, built on Chia!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to post about our new location-finding game, built with using Tokens running on Chia as a reward (Proof of Treasure Coin - POTT)! We’re super excited about this, and have spent the last 6 months building this alongside working full time - we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Here are the main points:

- We have built a location finding game at You compete against everyone else playing the game to find the location as quickly as possible - whoever finds it first wins some treasure (Our Token which runs on the chia blockchain).

- Our Token is built using the Chia CAT standard, but it’s super clever, and makes use of some smart code inside the coin to become the first Chia CAT token with a hard coded maximum issuance schedule!

- To learn more about how we created our coin, the issuance schedule etc, you can head over to our gitlab proofoftreasure / POTT · GitLab.

- We’ve built this as a bit of a challenge to ourselves to learn more about Chia and what it can do! We hope to add some more games to the site in the future, and build on what we’ve got, but work full time alongside, so please bear with us as we iron out any bugs etc. We hope you enjoy the Game!

Please feel free to get in touch with your thoughts, and any comments!

Happy treasure hunting! x

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