Proper cold storage technique

Hello, was trying to get some info on proper cold storage techniques. As there is no hardware wallet support yet, I was trying to decide on best method for proper secure storage.

I took an old, unused laptop. Fresh install of Ubuntu, fresh install of Chia. Took comp offline. Generated new, fresh keys, and a new receive address. Backed up the keys to paper and have them safely secured and stored. Should I completely wipe laptop drive now to ensure the keys are not stored anywhere else?

Now I’ve sent a small amount of chia to that receive address as a test. I look on chia explorer, and can see it transferred through correctly.

How can I verify that my mnemonic has control over those funds?
Also, now I wanted to send a larger amount of XCH there for long term storage. Can I send to that same receive address, or do I need to generate a new one?

Anything else I’m missing, or other info/tips/suggestions would be great.


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Lots of questions there.

  • Don’t wipe the laptop. Let it sync and verify that the XCH balance shows up that you transferred. Chia explorer is one part of verification.
  • You can verify that the 24 words have control because the balance shows up in the GUI. If you really want, delete the keys from the Client then import them again and verify the balance. It shouldn’t need to resync.
  • The new address feature was supposed to be a way to protect privacy, but I haven’t seen examples yet. In some old release notes, this feature was so that you can generate a new address for every transaction, hence providing increased privacy. I would generate a new address and send another small amount to make sure it works this way.
  • Once everything is verified, and you sent all your coin over, blow away the laptop and store the 24 words. Change your farming and pool rewards address to that new wallet address on your full node.