Protest time for chia?

after last price update i am thinking real protest about chia.
can you throw your ideas please?

Farm or don’t, moaning will get you no where.


maybe we get the attention of the developers and the community and they do something?

Do what? The price is given by the market. Chia Network should spend time improving the blockchain to support more use cases.

I think it’s better for the community to reach out and educate people about Chia than just protest and moan.


Probably the least productive thing you can do to help the project.

Why not work on Chialisp?

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Absolutely! You should insist Chia implement a technical solution that prevents morons from farming! Send them your written demands in crayon so they know you’re serious. Have your mom record a YouTube video of you rolling around on the ground thrashing around and crying like a toddler, so they understand the gravity of the situation.

Then give them a day to develop the upgrade you asked for. Plenty of time for another bottle of glue…



I think I detect a hint of sarcasm in your comment. :sweat_smile:

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The best way to protest is to sell your Chia equipment, delete your account here (and on any forum you’ve ever read about or written about Chia on), and get a custom shirt that says “Chia sucks because I don’t know how crypto or markets work and I thought I would get rich instantly” and wear it every day (without washing, to get the fullest protest effect) until the next halving.

We’ll miss you[1] but we’ll survive somehow.


I need another beer…

maybe your mom join protest? who knows?

Just lol. The XCH price is made by the market. The only way the Chia Company could increase prices in the short run in by buying XCH from the open market. Since they have not enough equity, that is not an option. So not wasting their time and let them work is the best way to increase XCH prices in the long-run.

Apart from that. If XCH Farming is not profitable for you. Sell all your stuff, get some STEPN sneakers and start walking to earn money.


completly disagree. but thats okey diffrent ideas is good for new ideas.

if i am work for chia i started burning policy around 2 months ago. i start with 21 milions. after that i raise transfer fee because of strom attack lastly i build a burning policy like eth. i am pretty sure this is really help price and miners.

walk for health!


I had a good laugh. This isn’t France, you can’t protest a market price, if you want to force someone to buy Chia at a higher price you can do so on your own time and in accordance with the laws of your country :slight_smile:


Leave France out of this ! :rofl:


i am sorry who protest market price ?
am i saying protest market price ?

If xch price were $500, would you have even made this thread?

if chia price were 500 usd, that means developers already work well. they probably builded burning policy, they burned their 21 milion chia. etc, etc… and this topic never born.

Chia barely just turned 1 year old. What did you expect ~1 year in?

Remember how long it took early Bitcoin and Ethereum adopters to see big returns? Rarely, if ever, do you see a positive return on investment one year into a company or product’s existence.

Sounds like you bet on hype, but unfortunately got reality. A more realistic analysis would be that it should take 3-5 years to see a big return on investment with Chia. YES, it does suck that the price keeps dropping, rather than staying stable. At this rate, it is hard to justify more investing into farming, and makes it hard to sell some chia to cover expenses and get some return in the short term.

They’re doing a lot. It’s probably better to be where we are now, than still waiting them to open the mainnet and release the software. Check out their roadmap. There are goals and movement.

If XCH price was 500 USD, then the netspace would be 10x as large and your ROI would be the same. Seriously, watch some basic Microeconomics Lecture Videos on YouTube or so.

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Well, Chia was formed in 2017. As of March (or so) of 2021, they got almost $70 million VC investment. So, yeah, I would expect them to have a much better product. I would expect them to have much better interactions with the ecosystem (e.g., [better] supporting 3rd party developers).

If I also remember it correctly, Bitcoin didn’t start by getting $70 investment. That was more like an open source growth, so this comparison may not be that fair. Also, they had to go through a lot of pains to prove that what btc does make sense. Chia is just riding on the shoulders of those titans.

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