PSA! Check your installs! Malware installers found via malicous wiki edits May 9th, 2021!

A PSA to all, Check where you get your installers from. This reddit user found that someone could have changed a link in the Chia Team’s github to install malware.

I get the official Binary from this page:

Edit: Looks like this affected the 1.1.4 installer only? More research needed.



Thanks for letting everybody know.

How they let anybody edit the wiki without a need for approval is hard to understand though.

I saw this coming a long time ago, editable URLs to software on a public wiki - what could go wrong? :grin:

wth, this was publicly editable? I am not familiar enough with github… holy shit, why would they link this on a public wiki page!?!

people are really ruthless to do something like this we live in a world of hacking it’s getting worse and worse