Put plots on a folder VS HDD root?

I heard that the plots should be in a folder, versus the actual root of the hard drive. Is there a specific reason for that, and does it impact farming?

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when you make a plot it needs a directory, a folder is always created with the name of the directory, so unless you send it straight to D:\ a folder will be made.

I wouldn’t imagine a scenario when you wouldn’t have a folder on a drive.

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Well, I’ve been deploying all plots to the root of the drive, e.g. E:\ and not E:\plots - thus asking. Does it have a negative effect, on anything?

No, it shouldn’t matter.

One thing that does matter – a zillion files in the same folder can have negative performance implications, if you have a very large plot farm. So I’d personally recommend never having more than ~165 plots (I picked that number because that’s how much fits on an 18tb HDD) in a single folder.

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Thanks @codinghorror! I’ve spent hours reading through wiki, docs and Keybase but still think “maybe I’ve missed anything?” :grinning:

Another issue is limitations on file directory , I’m not sure what the limit is, but there is one.