Question about finding duplicate chia plots

What’s up guys? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how can I check for duplicate plots across multiple harvesters? I sometimes get confused as to if I’ve already downloaded a plot from remote plotters. Does chia plots check only check for duplicates on the machine it’s run from? It seems like that would be the case. How can I check across ALL of my plots to make sure that I don’t have dupes?

Check the file names with some clever scripting.

chia plots check -n 5 -l

Will list duplicates.

Are you sure? Idk if this is checking for duplicates across all of my harvesters. I have 1 farmer, and 5 harvesters. All separate machines.

You can use Czkawka for this.

And if you want to check the plots in all your machines from a single machine, you will have to make the plots’ folder in other machines accessible to the machine you want to run Czkawka. Then checking them by file name for the fastest result.

I see what you mean. Duplicates across different harvester.

Simplest was is to get list of all file names in a file then see this uniq Command in LINUX with examples - GeeksforGeeks

Wise Duplicate Finder is a free tiny program very effective. Just tick all the drive boxes and click to find duplications. It shows very clearly how many duplicates in which drive, within seconds.
Link here: Wise Duplicate Finder – Free Duplicate Files Finder and Remover on Windows

Note: the tech company Wise makes lots of programs (mostly more robost paid ones), and gives away some tiny ones to be more attractive (Wise Memory Optimizer, Wise Duplicate Finder.)

Windows only, it seems

Linux based only. I don’t run any Windows machines. Not a fan lol. That’s for another conversation though lol. Anyways, I figured out a solution. I generated a list of all plots and searched for duplicate filenames via sort and uniq. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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