Question about remote harvesters including pool plot directories

Hi there, quick question please. I have OG plots and Pool plots, in separate directories on my NAS. I have the full node set up on one machine working just fine. I also have a HARVESTER on a second machine, and I was wondering whether I need to add the pool directory to the directories the harvester “scans”…
(I am referring to the harvester section in the config.yaml) on the harvester machine…

Also, I’ve added the pool directory on the full node in the plots section (GUI), is that correct?

Thanks folks!

You only have to add the directory that’s connecting to the corresponding machine. For example, if you already added directory “D1” to your full node, there’s no need to add D1 to your harvester and vise versa.

Chia client will detect your plots and decide whether they’re OG or poolable plots regardless of their directories.

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