Question regarding creating plots with pool support

Hello fellow Chia farmers!

I was reading trough the docs in preparation to start re-plotting with pool support once that feature is available. I found the below text in the docs and I am hoping that someone can help me answer some questions around that:

My understanding is that after support for pooling is introduced (17th of May) one will have the following two options when plotting:

  • Create plots with specific public key provided by the pool (we already have that option now). This option is most straightforward but the plots will be stuck forever with that one pool.
  • Create plots with specific contract address. In that way one can switch pools but will need to spend XCH to write the pool in a smart contract.

Here are my questions:

  • Is my understanding of the above docs correct?
  • Will the “pool contract…” feature be available in the release around 17th of May or it is scheduled for later?
  • How much XCH will be needed to join a pool (write to the smart contract)?
  • It will be just one XCH transaction for n number of plots?

Thank you!


To answer my question.
Yes, you will need chia to join a pool. Thankfully it is a very small amount and easy to get. More info in this reddit post:

It worked for me. I received 0.0000000001 chia in less than 2 minutes after submitting the request. Hopefully that will be enough to switch between pool or two.

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This is speculation at this point. But it can’t hurt to have a mojo of course.