Questions from a noob in his first plotting day

Hello Guys,
i saw some YouTubers talking about Chia made a bit of research and i liked the ideas although that I have no ideas about computers but I decided to give it a shot and invest in chia farming to I bought 300TB of space and i start plotting and this is my first day the problem as i feel my computer is running really slow it 8 GB RAM and 2TB SSD card for plotting.
May you advise if I should increase the Ram maybe 16 or 32 and in my 2TB SSD hard disk how many plots in parallel I should start with.
One more question can I plot on my MacBook as it seems it’s a lot faster and transfer them to my hard disks on my windows PC would this work?
much appreciated

Hey @Morrid, have you read the Chia Github wiki? A lot of what you’re asking is answered there and also on the guides on

You can plot on multiple machines and then transfer the plots to a single harvester machine (a Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to be a harvester since harvesting is low resource intensive).

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