Queuing parallel plots

I don’t know who needs to hear this, perhaps no one, but it was not immediately obvious to me that in the GUI you can set up a number of parallel plots running at the same time (ex, I have 5), and then que up a bunch of others (ex, 20+) and those queued plots will begin each time one of your parallel plots finishes.


Hi, i run 4 parallel plots using 4 different temporary directories, so i would only want the new plot to start on the finished directory, but the problem for me is that it could start on a drive that is still running. Would be nice if you could queue behind a selected plot.

Are there any benefits plotting to multiple directories if not on multiple disks?

one thing i have noticed 2 ssd’s joined are quicker than one, its even faster than my external nvme

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As far as I can tell, it is now not possible to queue parallel plots in the GUI in 1.1.4.

I previously would set up 4 parallel plots, then queue up a bunch behind them that would trigger when each one finished.

Now I set up 3, then set up a queue line and the first one from that second batch starts right away. However, the first three parallel plots do not trigger the plots in the queue line to start. If left alone, once the 4 finish, then only 1 will be plotting.

If you set up a queue line and the first starts, then try to set up a second queue line, those from the second queue line will just line up behind the first and you will not have 2 parallel queue lines.

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Noticed the same thing.

Must be removed feature by mistake. Really makes queing plots in the GUI a lot more annoying and time comsuming all of a sudden.

Hope they bring it back next update

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