Rack shelf suggestions for rack mounting a couple PC's

I have a couple PC’s I wanted to but on my server rack… wondering what you guys think is the best way to go about it… I’m assuming just a shelf of some kind then strap them down to that?

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We use those at work for the signage and music PCs. Exactly as you said, it’s not quite a full height rack but it has the metal shelves installed to keep the PCs off of the floor.

Either that, or set them on top of the UPS if you have one - we’ve cheated in a few racks and used them like shelving.

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I don’t have a UPS unfortunately… I’m new to this enterprise hardware stuff. Can you suggest a shelf, is there like an industry standard? Everything on amazon looks like junk.

Not specifically, it’s usually whatever the vendors lug in here. Newegg might have some better stuff.


A squat rack is superior !


I own 3 of these for three years:

None of my PCs ever missed a beat – and I have had numerous power interruptions (split second interruptions, and several second interruptions) over those three years.

They are running at half load, and claim 12 minutes of battery run time.

The only down side, which is not a big deal for me, is that it has 6 outlets that will run on its battery, and the other 4 outlets offer only surge suppression (which is good for something like a laser printer, which would be a tall order to run from the battery and in most cases not be necessary).

One or two surge-only outlets (instead of 4) would be better, I believe, allowing space for 2 more battery supported outlets.

The work-around for more battery supported outlets is to use power strips, connected to the battery supported outlets.

You know when Windows performs updates, and warns you not to turn off your computer…
Having a UPS gives you peace of mind.


sorry I’m new to server grade hardware and not use to all the enterprise level jargon… what is a squat rack?

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Weight lifting joke - you won’t need one lugging all this Chia gear around.

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