RAM disk size to plot k33

110Gb is enough for plotting k32, what it costs to play on k33 field?

The madmax documentation says k>32 is not supported.

He implied MadMax and he knew that.

Also, he was asking about the cost, so the best answer would be to go and ask Max, for how much he would do that for him.

Are you asking how much the hardware would cost?

Or are you asking how much RAM would be needed to use RAM instead of an SSD for creating a k33 plot?
(i.e., what size RAM drive is required to create a k33 plot in RAM?)

Something else?

yep, how much RAM whould i need as first temporary storage

For all in RAM creation of a K33 plot, you would need greater than 512 GB for 1st temp drive, as the temporary size for creating a k33 is exactly 512 GB. So you would need more than 512 GB of RAM in the system to operate the computer plus a 513 GB RAM Drive.

If you use two temporary drives with MadMax’s most current CPU plotter with the 2nd temp drive being a RAM Drive, then total system memory requirements would be 256 GB of RAM. The RAM Drive for Temp 2 would need to be sized at 225 GBs. Most systems with only 256 GBs of RAM would also require a bucket size of 512 instead of the default bucket size of 256, otherwise the plotter will run out of Ram and end the program.

Just figured this all out on my own and thought I would answer the original Ops question for others…