RAM for plotting

Hi, I only have 16 GB of RAM, but I would like to plot ny 5 plotting processes. So I can allocate only 3 GB to everyone, which is a little less than the default setting.

How will this please affect:
Plotting speed?
CPU usage?

In my opinion, this speed of fencing should have almost no impact. The only thing that I think should be affected is that it could load the CPU a little more, but also just a little. So I don’t think it should matter at all.

If that bothers me, I can turn off bitfield and finish RAM.


Maybe this can help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT-Rcsa07y4

You have to leave some for the system. People don’t realize you need like 4GB of ram just to use Windows

Looks like that would be 2GB per plot, i wouldn’t go above 12GB total