(Raspberry Pi) Full Node Chia GUI - Does the OS matter?

I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but is the Raspberry Pi OS is fine to use for a full node/farmer/wallet? Or is Ubuntu preferred?

Ive been running a full node and farming 24/7 on my gaming desktop since April 2021 and want to migrate it to a raspberry pi to reduce power consumption. I currently have an 8gb raspberry pi used as a pi-hole but don’t mind repurposing it for this case.

I have not used a PI-4 yet, but many have used it as a harvester connected to the Farmer.

I have also not used RPi. However, when you go that route, you will need to move your blockchain db off the boot SD card and limit the number of peers to around 10.

Thank you for the tip. I’ll probably be lowering peers if needed. I have been doing alot of research and read that many people recommend to install and boot completely from an SSD. As far as materials go, I have had everything needed except a $10 USD UASP SATA to USB adapter which is required to make this work. I don’t mind buying it since it won’t break the bank as far as investing further this project.

I was only concerned if Raspberry Pi OS runs the Chia GUI slower than Ubuntu.

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If u must use a pi

If you can handle ur way around a shell
Optimally would be none other than
Ubunter server light edition

Make sure u install chia with apt from sources

for much easier command line usage.

I use pi4s as farmers, I don’t use raspian os but I guess in theory it should be faster since raspian os is a bit lighter than ubuntu. I use ubuntu because I assume its more secure and because I don’t run the risk of future upgrades not working.

Further as other have stated, if you want to use it as a node then at a minimum keep the DB on a SSD as the amount of read & writes will kill your SD cards.