Re-connections in log, is it ok or do I need to fix somehing?

2021-06-05T16:19:09.216 harvester harvester               : INFO     Reconnecting to peer {'host': '', 'port': 8447}
2021-06-05T16:19:09.218 harvester harvester_server        : DEBUG    Connecting: wss://, Peer info: {'host': '', 'port': 8447}
2021-06-05T16:19:09.229 harvester harvester_server        : DEBUG    -> handshake to peer 21124bcb8648ea23b7a9499f3d014e5b7a5b930e92ca151e9996c83fa92878df
2021-06-05T16:19:09.230 farmer farmer_server              : DEBUG    -> handshake to peer 1a1bcb7650e2c805d3f3811cbd1e600a08d4df414cfe2c7df09fc13a47715781
2021-06-05T16:19:09.231 farmer farmer_server              : DEBUG    Inbound_handler task cancelled
2021-06-05T16:19:09.231 harvester harvester_server        : INFO     Connected with farmer {'host': '', 'port': 8447}
2021-06-05T16:19:12.243 farmer farmer_server              : INFO     Connection closed:, node id: 1a1bcb7650e2c805d3f3811cbd1e600a08d4df414cfe2c7df09fc13a47715781
2021-06-05T16:19:12.243 farmer chia.farmer.farmer         : INFO     peer disconnected {'host': '', 'port': 8448}
2021-06-05T16:19:12.244 harvester harvester_server        : DEBUG    Peer closed connection farmer
2021-06-05T16:19:12.244 harvester harvester_server        : DEBUG    Inbound_handler task cancelled
2021-06-05T16:19:12.245 harvester harvester_server        : INFO     Connection closed:, node id: 21124bcb8648ea23b7a9499f3d014e5b7a5b930e92ca151e9996c83fa92878df

And it is repeating all the time, again and again, is it normal?
The same picture on remote harvester, connecting/disconnecting…

Appreciate any additional info, thanks

I would also like some input on this matter. Did you figure out something?

Are you running 2 full nodes on one ip?