Rebuilt Harvester, now having some issues

Hey all.
Got a funny issue - could just be a config problem…

So my Raspberry Pi harvester / full node had a notice to upgrade to the Ubuntu Desktop LTS 22.04 OS - after I upgraded, I started getting a lot of python errors - tried uninstalling python, re installing, - no go - and of course, Chia didn’t like that.

Tried everything but wound up reinstalling the OS - I backed up my chia config files, fstab, services, and wallet db. I didn’t have enough patience to backup the blockchain - I figured I’d download a fresh copy after.

So I reinstalled, patch the OS - downloaded and installed latest Chia version 1.3.5 and restored my old config file.
I put the FSTAB back so my drives would mount fine.

So I started to download the new V2 blockchain - and after 3 days, it was only at around 30% - so I did the lazy thing and downloaded a canned recent version of the blockchain from a download service. (I know - not recommended but I’ve done it before with no issues)

So it looks fine for the most part. Chia farmer summary shows the correct # of plots. It has incoming connections - It’s just not getting payments from the pool anymore…

Also, I installed chiadog, and Chiadog is not reporting my plots properly…

Any thoughts? Should I try to re-join my pool?

And what would that mean? Could you provide ChiaDog output. Could you provide debug.log harvester logs.

Other than that, all is fine with your pool? Does it see your farmer (collecting points, reporting farm estimated size)?

I have read other postings where when people had wallet related issues, they deleted their wallet db, and let it get recreated from their blockchain db.

Supposedly that does not take too long, and it fixes the wallet issue.

I believe that the procedure is to shut down your full node, delete your wallet db, and start your full node. Chia should see the absence of a wallet and create it from scratch.

You should back-up your wallet db before doing the above (but you already said that you made a copy of your wallet db – I am mentioning this for others that might attempt this who have not backed up their wallet db).

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First of all I went through something similar recently and latest version of Chia is absolutely needed for 22.04 as the older version of Python previous Chia versions used is no longer available or at least it was not for me on PopOS 22.04.

From my experience reusing old config file creates a lot of problems as the config has number of addresses in it that no longer exist on fresh install. What I did was take out the old config but leave blockchain DB and run chia unit to let it recreate everything, then modify config file with any customizations I had in there before. Then tail the debug log and monitor for errors as you startup frmer & harvester.

I imagine you know this already but if you are using RPi as a full node then blockchain DB has to be running of external SSD/NVMe and not on the SD card as that is not fast enough.

I think that most likely the problem is with your python version. You sure it’s the latest one?