RECIEVE ADRESS changed after upgrading to 1.2.1!

RECIEVE ADRESS changed after upgrading to 1.2.1!!!How to restore the originally set one?

Edit the config?

How do you know it changed?

Is it still an address for your wallet?

How did you upgrade? Download a binary from some random place?

Both adresses will still point to the same wallet, the old one will still be valid

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That’s true if they point to the same wallet. It’s important to get answers to some of my questions before we can say it’s safe and his rewards aren’t being stolen though.

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I made chia init and it messaged me “WARNING: using a pool address which we don’t have the private keys for. We searched the first 500 addresses. Consider overriding xch1fnwgtlakr3t9622drh859m4rsr9r3qvmuhx9y2qf37yj7wnc00yqep7c5t with xch1pg6cwlk5chjj8f2t9w3g2np77c5mv4h7vdhm6uyvww875v6lr4kq4f9uwe” Are both adresses are valid?

Sounds to me like that’s not your wallet. Did you join/leave an OG pool in the past? Mine says that, but it’s because the pay address is my cold wallet, and I recognize the address. At this point if you don’t know what’s going on, and you don’t want to lose your payout, I’d update the config to point to the recommended wallet. You should see that match with chia wallet get_address

It’s probably not the update that changed your config. Did you download some random binary to do the update, or what other tools and things have you tried to use?

EDIT: Right you asked /how/ on Linux the config is ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml, I’m sure you can google for the windows path if you need it. It’s just text and fairly straight forward. There’s two lines with xch_target_address if you’re intending to keep all the rewards for yourself update both to an address you recognize for your wallet.

Yes,I joined OG pool.So what am I to do?To reconfig my config,yaml file?I’m very sorry but in my 60s I’m not strong now in all this.Could you explain what shall I do.I know where config.yaml is.I open it and see

“pool_payout_address: xch1pg6cwlk5chjj8f2t9w3g2np77c5mv4h7vdhm6uyvww875v6lr4kq4f9uwe”

xch_target_address: xch1pg6cwlk5chjj8f2t9w3g2np77c5mv4h7vdhm6uyvww875v6lr4kq4f9uwe

but the address of my wallet is


Could you tell me,please,what shall I do in details.Thank you in advance for your time.

And if I delete all files in “wallet” and restart my chia?Will it work?

Both are part of your wallet as answered already, you can have more than 2 actually by clicking new address on GUI assigns another address to your wallet. This is common when you upgrade, mine I have seen the old address again when I deleted my db to help sync at one point, but changes to new address when gets above a certain block height may have something to do with pool coding changes. You can set your farmer rewards back to the old address if you want, in GUI under the Farm tab, you click three dots to bring up the menu and edit the “manage farming rewards address”.

Thank you!!!Thank you very much!!!

I tried to open in GUI under the Farm tab " Manage Your Farming Rewards Target Addresses" but failed.It tries to open the address but fails.Can I delete db in this case?

To me this looks like a configuration issue, not a wallet issue.

If you’re editing that file and you saw those values, replace the address you don’t like (then save the file and restart the farmer), with the address that you know is yours. There is no harm in that, Even if both addresses point to the same wallet.

Thank you very much

Closing the loop here, since I got exactly the same message (same address). That address “xch1fnwgtlakr3t9622drh859m4rsr9r3qvmuhx9y2qf37yj7wnc00yqep7c5t” is the address of Foxy Pool. I couldn’t find it on the web, but it’s all over the foxy discord. So if your pool.xch_target_address config is pointing to that address, all your OG pool rewards (The 1.75) will go to Foxy. If you’re registered with them, this is what you expect. If you’re not longer pooling with Foxy, you’ll want to change it to a wallet you control (Make sure you left the pool first, or you could get banned form Foxy).

You can try that. You will not lose anything. But you may solve the problem.

When you go into farming and hit the three dots and change the address back to another address where you won some coins. Then shutdown and restart the GUI the Receive address under tokens does not change, but checking config.yaml file it did get changed. How do you change the Receive address back??

You shouldn’t, you should never re use addresses.
Now why a address you dedicate to re use for rewards does not change itself is another thing, ask devs about that lol.
I think the receive address changing is inbuilt just like in a hardware wallet like trezor, your change always goes to a new address, that’s what happens with thar receive address.
It changes, but to another controlled by your wallet.

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I think this topic (changing reward addresses) is maybe overlooked for those that are new to crypto / chia, and also may not work too well for chia. I was trying to stick with one address, but after you wrote about it recently, I am trying to follow your guidance.

However, in my case, I am with Flex pool. The problem with them is that the only way to monitor your farm progress is to specify on their page “payout address:” Actually, I am not sure what they are using as account identifier (e.g., to establish your seniority, … with the pool).

#3 Monitor your farm in Dashboard

To monitor the statistics of your farm, you should enter your Payout Address that you have gathered from Step #2 into the address search bar on our Home page.

It looks like some pools are using launcher ID (e.g., Space) as your ID, some payout address (e.g., Flex). I wish they would provide both, or rather use both as account identification (so one account for multiple launcher ids).

Also, I was recently trying to check all my transactions on xchscan, but again, I have to use my address, and that is painful if that address changes, or I am missing a way to scan for the “primary” address for a given wallet.

I know of no easy way to do that.
I reuse reward addresses, even though I know it weakens the encryption that secures them, mainly for just that reason ( tax easiness).
I also normally transfer the whole balance, the gui then doesn’t change my receive address as it doesn’t get used.

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This also brings a question about a cold wallet. If someone followed the official guidance for that, after creating such wallet there is a need to burn that box. It implies there is a need for a new box every time one wants to generate a new address. :slight_smile:

Although, going back to your point. It would be nice to have an option to specify an automatic xfr from your farm to a cold wallet. This way, chia could change receiving address every time there is a new transaction, but the cold wallet would stay cold, and have a record of most (sans outgoing, …) transactions.

Again this all started when we started running again and it started spitting out errors about the cold wallet address being wrong, this happened after 1.3.2