Recommendation needed: XCH Wallet for iOS and Android

Hi, I am interested in Chia since I believe this is going to be the next big thing after reading the green paper. I have both iOS and Android devices and I wonder which mobile wallets you guys use daily for storing your precious XCH. Thanks!

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Since there is no hardware wallet support currently (ledger, etc), and all the current issues going on with exchanges, I personally do not trust any of the exchanges or wallets available. I keep all of mine in a cold wallet and transfer new farm earnings there weekly. I have put too much into this venture to have my XCH locked up somewhere because I put it in a site/software that was poorly backed.

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Personally I created a cold wallet and just have a chia address viewer on my phone to check it.

I don’t have it actually logged in anywhere.

I’m quite excited for the clawback feature as I feel that circumvents the need for a hardware wallet. I can imagine you get notified that a transaction has taken place and will be settled in the next X amount of time units allowing you to cancel it if it’s not done by you.

“Oh hey, you’ve just sent a transaction to transfer all your money from your cold wallet with a clawback of 1 day, was this you?”

“Lol no” clawback


I have Goby extension in Brave browser on my laptop for a quick wallet… but apparently brave mobile browser doesn’t do extensions. I think Firefox mobile does allow extensions though? That might be an option.

Also I used the Kucoin app to toss Chia around before the USA access got shut down. But storing coins on exchanges is usually bad form (especially now) and I don’t recommend that route unless you can afford to lose the coins and don’t care.

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By cold wallet, did you mean paper wallet from I hope Trezor or Ledger supports XCH soon. I got both Trezor and Ledger but, I prefer Trezor more since they are the OG in hardware wallet and got less shitcoins unlike to the Ledger support.

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Awesome. Someone should create a hardware wallet business using the Chia team’s scratch design just for XCH holders just like Trezor did back in the days when BTC was unknown to majority. Who knows? This may be bigger than BTC.

I installed Goby extension on Edge browser (using chrome extension), but I personally don’t like the UI of it. I rather just use the official node wallet for now until someone or some group comes up with the hardware wallet support. I would not store any coins on exchange because I saw too many “hacks” like Mt.Gox and Bitfinex back in the days.

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I have never heard the term “Paper wallet”, if you have a link to this, please post. A cold wallet is a wallet that is not live. Not connected to the internet. It is created and then deleted. It is only created to get the keys, phrase and address. From that point on you just send your XCH there and it is basically untouchable. Later when you want to access it, you load Chia and use the phrase to bring it up (after that, it is no longer a cold wallet).

Here is a Chia document that mentions it. 3rd section down called “Beyond the Basics” … Cold Storage. Securing Your Chia - How to Be a Hard Target - Chia Network

Here is an article outlining how to create a cold wallet (I have not followed this article, but a quick review of it looks correct). How to Make a Cold Wallet in Chia – The Chia Farmer


Me either with chia.
This will explain the basic principle though.
Basically a cold wallet, with a paper copy of tke key.

Now you get fireproof things you can buy to do instead, such as

Evergreen App has a built in Non-custodial Software wallet available for both IOS and android.

It’s not a hardware wallet but a software wallet.

But it’s convenient and your keys are yours and not stored anywhere else. If you have a spare smart phone, you could install the Evergreen App and create a Chia wallet. And keep the phone offline the majority of the time and only use it for Chia transactions.

Would be a pretty secure software wallet used this way.

Find it here,

Ultimately, a paper wallet would be the most secure, but your first withdraw from it would compromise it…

So use the Evergreen App on a non-everyday used phone for general transactions of XCH, and a paper wallet for long term bulk savings of XCH.

My recommendation

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