Recommended Fee amount for Minting

What is a fee amount that you typically use for minting NFTs??
My mints do not seem to go through.

Im doubling every attemt because I dont want to overspend. Once I find a suitable fee, I may post it here. But would be good to have a rough ballpark where to start…

My target would be to have successfully minted within 30 Minutes.

0.000000001 xch (1000 mojo)
not going trough in a timely manner

For mint NFT I always use 10 mojos. It always passes with an interval of 3 minutes.

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do you use an rpc? for me the fee does not get recognized

    "wallet_id": 4, 
    "uris": ["",""], 
    "hash": "03c23e13df7ce9ab303ed4210bd8d6d7ff9910df928b2a8be779c6ad3d660c71", 
    "meta_uris": ["",""], 
    "meta_hash": "7815477805b2254f269b30d194177a45f1cf6ac24d53d58a16aa1a4b772f50ee", 
    "license_uris": ["",""], 
    "license_hash": "c9e56217211efb93ac19868a739e0588376a56e577b172155c093d18afc22ed4", 
    "royalty_address": "xch1548hhy66czjf026cc9a3efsu2mrjh9he3w5rna3rsrenlyhpe9dq5u7f4g", 
    "royalty_percentage": 900, 
    "target_address": "xch1548hhy66czjf026cc9a3efsu2mrjh9he3w5rna3rsrenlyhpe9dq5u7f4g",
    "edition_number": 1, 
    "edition_total": 1, 
    "fee": 0.0001

“fee”: 100000000

In RPC, the commission is set in moji.

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so I have experimented a little.

  • fee: 0 only feasible for money transactions, mostly goes through in 30 minutes, sometimes takes days or gets stuck
  • fee: 10 fine for normal transactions nfts usually get stuck
  • fee: 100 nfts often get stuck for hours or even a day
  • fee: 1000 seems sufficient for now.

Is your nft visible for us to see?

There is a separate thread on the nft. you will find link and so on there: