Recommended Fee amount for Minting

What is a fee amount that you typically use for minting NFTs??
My mints do not seem to go through.

Im doubling every attemt because I dont want to overspend. Once I find a suitable fee, I may post it here. But would be good to have a rough ballpark where to start…

My target would be to have successfully minted within 30 Minutes.

0.000000001 xch (1000 mojo)
not going trough in a timely manner

For mint NFT I always use 10 mojos. It always passes with an interval of 3 minutes.

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do you use an rpc? for me the fee does not get recognized

    "wallet_id": 4, 
    "uris": ["",""], 
    "hash": "03c23e13df7ce9ab303ed4210bd8d6d7ff9910df928b2a8be779c6ad3d660c71", 
    "meta_uris": ["",""], 
    "meta_hash": "7815477805b2254f269b30d194177a45f1cf6ac24d53d58a16aa1a4b772f50ee", 
    "license_uris": ["",""], 
    "license_hash": "c9e56217211efb93ac19868a739e0588376a56e577b172155c093d18afc22ed4", 
    "royalty_address": "xch1548hhy66czjf026cc9a3efsu2mrjh9he3w5rna3rsrenlyhpe9dq5u7f4g", 
    "royalty_percentage": 900, 
    "target_address": "xch1548hhy66czjf026cc9a3efsu2mrjh9he3w5rna3rsrenlyhpe9dq5u7f4g",
    "edition_number": 1, 
    "edition_total": 1, 
    "fee": 0.0001

“fee”: 100000000

In RPC, the commission is set in moji.

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so I have experimented a little.

  • fee: 0 only feasible for money transactions, mostly goes through in 30 minutes, sometimes takes days or gets stuck
  • fee: 10 fine for normal transactions nfts usually get stuck
  • fee: 100 nfts often get stuck for hours or even a day
  • fee: 1000 seems sufficient for now.

Is your nft visible for us to see?

There is a separate thread on the nft. you will find link and so on there:

I have gathered more knowledge about the minimum fee isue.

Apparently, you can only use your Digital Identity (which is a coin) once per block-write (mint).
After the mint is complete, the Digital identity coin is sent back to your wallet.

The issue with my mints was that I tried to mint more than one NFT at a time.

there are three ways to circumvemt this:

  1. You can only mint one nft at a time. You have to wait until the previous mint is complete before initiating the mint of another nft.
  2. You could mint nfts on multiple identities at a time. However, I regard that as more of a theoretical aproach as you likely want to mint all nft’s on one identity.
  3. You can use the bulk minting tool. This is more complicated than the single mint and can mint up to 25 nfts at a time. This way, you can speed up your minting process by 25 times.