Recovery hard drive with plots

hi dudes, Has anyone ever managed to recover a drive with a full plot?
I did try to Convert GraphicCard to hard drive with a shit software . One of my hard drives was mistakenly formatted from NTFS to exFAT format. I tested some software and it did not find any plot to recover :pensive: So I lost 5TB of plot .
Does anyone have experience with this?

I think that plots whilst somewhat valuable, have no unique value like most other data and can be recreated easily. As such its annoying to lose them, but I wouldn’t back them up the backup drive is worth more used for more plots than the risk of losing the original drive and having to replot.

I imagine recovery is a non-starter as its a huge file, which I assume has to be more or less intact to function.


I have also lost one dive full of plots. I could not find anyway to recover them using the available utilities for this purpose, just because of their huge size. Make peace the loss and just replot. I know it is painful.

yeah bro i also replot