Recursive plot directory selection


Right now I have a server with multiple shares and one farmer. As it stands I need to add a plot dir for each plot directory i have. is there any way to supply a dir and have it search all the dir below it (including sub directories) for plots? Or is the only way to point the farmer to a plot dir and it cant scan any sub directories for plots?

Ive actually never seen this asked, but i had the same issue.
I ended up just creating one dir per drive, with no subs.

Iirc, i then stpped even bothering with a dir and just use the drive without dir and just pure plots.

Yes you can set recursive in the config.

Recursive_plot_scan: true

I have the majority of my drives mounted in a folder, so I just list that folder in the config.


niiiiiiice ! thank you Bones

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Omg I never knew this was possible haha, would be so much easier !

This saved my life. Thanks a lot!

It wasn’t originally, I had seen it mentioned a long time ago, then forgot about it until I think it was Madmax mentioned it on here a month or two ago.

It certainly makes things much easier, I mount most my drives in a folder, so it’s very easy with this.

Wow, thanks a lot! I was searching a long time for something like that.
You made my day