Reddit army got Stotiks repo deleted (Windows Madmax)

A r/chia user found a scammer that tried to pass of his repo stotkis (loaded with trojans) as the real one stotiks.

Then another user told the reddit army to report the scammer and of course a significant number of idiots reported the original so now both have been deleted.

Reddit army did it again :slight_smile:

So if you came here wanting to ask where you can download the windows version for madmax then sorry you just have to wait until github restores the repo.


Eh, it sucked anyway. You can load WSL Ubuntu on windows (right from the Microsoft store) and install the original Madmax. It runs way faster than the windows version.

That is a shame, it was useful, and still is. I am sure it will get sorted out.


No worries. It is still here, open for anyone to download:

Edit: this link is on GitHub, Reddit Chia forum link is still removed.
On the Reddit side, it’s a (Chia) religious group, why bother going there anyway.

It got restored today, resolved faster than I expected.

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