Reinstalling Chia from scratch, what do I need to save?

Hi guys, I need to format my main full node PC. Is there a particular procedure to unistall and install again (after the formatting) Chia without problems for the wallet and other? Tks.

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Save your private key mnemonics (24 words), and two files:

  • ~/.chia/mainnet/db/blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite
  • ~/.chia/mainnet/wallet/db/blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_xxxxxx.sqlite

All keys, wallet etc would be restored from mnemonics.

After you install all the things and restore node keys etc, close app and copy those two files back. It will save your time for syncing.


I have another question…if I have two PCs, the main one with full node etc and the second one (harvester), and I want to transform the second one in main and the main in the harvester, what is the correct procedure to do that? Tks!

It’s a simple. First, copy that files. Next, if you have two machines in same network, keep first node running, on second add your first as peer e.g. (it gives you not to lose sync and new node will know good peers to connect to), and when it would be synced turn your first off.
And don’t forget to forward 8444 port to your new main node!

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Would you lose your chia if your plots got deleted?

Do you mean XCH in your wallet?

yes in my chia gui wallet

Your wallet will backed up with 24 words mnemonics and once you received some XCH it will be there.

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