Remote harvester - chia plots check warnings

I have 1 farmer and 1 remote harvester (configured like this Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub).
I have multiple machines plotting with the farmer_pk and the pool_contract_address. These plots end up on my harvester.
Since Im around double my EV I started to check my plots today (on my harvester) with chia plots check (there are some invalid plots but thats not my problem)

At the end there is a warning:

2021-08-08T15:17:39.439 chia.plotting.check_plots : WARNING There are 2496 plots with a farmer or pool public key that is not on this machine. The farmer private key must be in the keychain in order to farm them, use ‘chia keys’ to transfer keys. The pool public keys must be in the config.yaml

What does this mean? There are no keys configured at the remote harvester (as is in the instruction I linked)

(venv) ➜  ~ chia keys show
There are no saved private keys

Do I have problem or is this just fine?

You do not need private keys on the remote harvester because the full node handles all of the secure transactions. If you want to add your mnemonic you can, I did on my remote harvester because it’s also my plotter, so I wanted the ability to check my plots and make sure I haven’t been using the wrong key.

So everything should be fine and I can just safely ignore the message or on the other hand can install my private keys on the harvester and then check my plots.
Thank you.

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