Remote harvester working at pool, but farmer says 0 plots for remote harvester

My farming rig shows 0 plots under the remote harvester connection list.
It is telling me that there is a remote harvester connected, but farm summary shows it as having 0 plots.
But I know the harvester is working properly because I’m seeing it at the pool.
The harvester rig is running plots for different pool than the farming rig.

Checked logs?

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I’ve checked logs but don’t see why farmer shows 0 plots for one of my harvesters

The farmer sees the harvester, it just shows 0 plots. The pool is getting partials from this harvester though.

what versions farmer/harvester are you running? Since 1.3.4 or 1.3.5 you have to upgrade the harvester when you upgrade the full-node/farmer to those versions. Before you could get by with harvester several versions behind…