Remote harvesters don't win

good day,

here i am again with another speculation on my farming process observation.

so i have one local full node/farmer/harvester machine which is holding half of my plots and two remote dedidcated harvesters holding 25% of plots accordingly.

setup is fine, logs are fine, not a single warning BUT these two remote harvesters never won since june when they was settled while local harvesters wins regularly.

is it an issue or i again just crush water in a mortar?


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How many total plots do you have, it can take months of a dry spell.

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How do you determine that everything is fine? Do you use farmr, or just glance at logs, or a different tool?

I just keep my eye on logs. i don’t need/want farmr to do instead of me.

I would have to say that is not sufficient if you actually want to discover the issue. More to the point, if it were sufficient, you would already know your answer, and not be here asking those who have no real idea of your setup or what’s in your logs why it is happening.

Nevertheless, proceed.

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As a general observation, I have seen discussion about funkiness with harvesters and the 1.5.1 upgrade on the socials. Not so much about win ratios, but more to the harvester connection issues or plot count issues. I’m not super technical so I can’t help diagnose, but I just wanted to confirm that you may not be crazy, and it’s worth exploring further.

farmrBotBOT 08/24/2022

Hrv35 just found a block!

The last block this harvester won…

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aha! im not crazy! gonna sue my shrink.

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Just switched to flexpool because I got sick of the dry spell. Sometime you win 3 blocks in a day, then nothing for weeks or even months. Just join a pool. This also helps to find out if you have problems with hardware or your network.

PS: For almost a year I was the no pool guy but since every pc restart could cost you a block won, I decided eventually to join a pool myself. It’s just better for the nerves.

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noway i will return to pool scamish scheme. it is 1 year i’m farming solo so far i’m happy with the progress.


What’s your problem with pools? I am at flexpool and I basically get paid daily what my expected daily earnings are.

Possibly doesn’t want to replot if farming OG. Neither do I right now. Happy to stick with OG solo.

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How do you do taxes with pools, every day you have to take basis and add that to income…no thanks…hundred of transactions.

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I thought that income is based on realized income (the date you sell your XCH)?

Some pools have csv download option that has daily consolidated data.

Also, that data is available via chia RPC or CLI, and a script (both Win and Linux) was already provided by @steppsr that roughly does the job. (I say roughly, as I don’t like it registering coin splits, but it can be modified to only provide daily summary.) The only problem with this approach is that the wallet needs to be running, so the cold one needs to be warmed up. This approach gives you both one daily transaction and XCH price for that date (based on the same hour every day) - what IRS cares about.

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@Jacek On a tangent… tell me about ‘registering coin splits’… I assume you mean how it adds up the removals on outgoing transactions so the amount is correct? Is that wrong?

Depends on local laws. In US, you take basis (and so earned income) when you receive the coin, farmers are therefore subject to taxes based on receipt date.

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We talked about it before. For tax purpose a coin split is earning of some XCH, selling it, and immediately purchasing the same thing but in a split form. So, that was throwing me off. I did modify it to ignore those splits. I think when you initially posted it, you didn’t download the XCH prices, so I also added that part. So, in my opinion, what you provided is the best approach to get that data (regardless whether solo or pooling).

By the way, I also moved it to PHP, and used RPC (from Linux to Win), as that approach is much faster (bash processing of that JSON is really slow).

One more thing. Your script exposed that with a couple of RPC calls one can extract mnemonics. Basically security through obscurity approach (no authentication on chia RPC) what is rather a dumb approach pushing again security to farmers.

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I remember talking about it, but I’m not sure I ever understood the issue really. I was simply listing each ‘transaction’ that the CLI reported back. That’s cool that you got it worked out for what you wanted and also added price. I’d love to see how you wired it up with PHP & RPC… I use PHP all the time that would be nice. I just haven’t spent a lot of time trying to research that yet… I might be working on it more in a couple months at the end of the year. lol