Remote harvesting (NFS?)

I have an Ubuntu server with jbod 60bay. Every hdd have about 50% free of space but I dont want to stress main server with chia plotting and harvesting. Can I do remotely with recent compression? Can I use gigahorse in a new gpu server and using NFS for connecting disks? Do you suggest another way to do that?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m actually using 5 servers for my chia farm

One is handling full node, farmer & <=C5 harvester. (fedora)
One is handling harvester with gpu > C5 (ubuntu)
Two are NAS with nfs sharing (openmediavault now, truenas before)
One is for plotting (ubuntu).

All of this is provisionned with proxmox and it’s working like a charm.

However you should take in consideration network bottlenect. I have 250Tib, and under 1G netwotk it still okey. but since I’m under 10G network, it’s faster and smooth.