Removing hdd while farming

did that and still see status as farming in chia blockchain gui, will there be any negative impact by so doing?

I’m not sure I understand the question? If you remove a HDD the plots on that disk are no longer part of the network and can earn no rewards. Is that what you needed to know?

I do this all the time to copy new plots onto the disk.

Not sure I understand correctly. Is there a plotting process running while the HDD is disconnected? If this is the case and it’s not giving any errors is because the program is probably using the temp directory to create the plot. As for the plot transfer phase (phase 4), the selected destination folder for the .plot needs to be available to avoid having an error.

Ehm, I didn’t realize you were plotting. You can’t remove a drive that’s in use. However if your destination drive is different from your plotting temp drive then you can disconnect it as much as you want until the plot gets to 100%, at that point the destination drive needs to be available to copy the final plot to.

I still don’t understand the question though, what are you trying to achieve with removing drives?

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Sorry maybe I didnt make it clear. Im plotting on SSD and farming on HDD, I removed HDD that still farming the finished file. Didnt touch the plotting SSD.