Renting i9-9900K plotter, 7$ per 24 hours, all 16 threads OCed at 4.8 GHz

I am renting out this i9-9900K plotter, 7$ per 24 hours

. Watercooled, never gets over 70C° with all cores maxed out and running at 100% all times
. CPU: i9-9900K all 16 threads overclocked to 4.8 GHz
. RAM: 32GB DDR4
. SSD OS: NVMe 250GB
. SSD Plotter: Samsung NVMe Evo Plus 1TB
. Windows Entreprise: no push notifications, no forced updates.
. Minutes per plot: 56 minutes
. Plots per 24 hours: about 25 plots

You will get the full access, I am going to reformat afterwards. No need to worry about cooling, electrity, etc.

Asking rent price in USD: 7$ per day

You may buy the machine as well for 399$.
In this case, the cooler will be replaced by a 140MM either by Deep Cool or Be quiet.