Replotting to Chives

Hi everyone! i have 200 Tb Chia plotts, i’m thinking about replotting them to Chives plotts, because the profit from chives twice as much. I thought about it month ago, but didn’t, because I was scared increasing difficulity. If i did it month ago, the profit from chives may be twice more. What do you think about it? Replotting to chives or not? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

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How do you calculate it’s twice as profitable?

I see the price of chives at $ 0,0233

200TB on Chia will get you about 0,05 XCH /day or 8,5 USD

Do you get 370 XCC per day farming Chives with 200TB?

On chiaforkscalculator 200 Tb of Chives is 19$/day, not 8.

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If you think it will be more profitable for you, why not do it? If you don’t try, you’ll never know. Let us know how it works out.

I have similar thoughts, but replotting will take time, and chives price may fall or the difficulty will grow on it. Chives has only 180PB diff vs 35EB on chia

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I wouldn’t do it, Chia is the biggest game in town when it comes to HDD mining. I’d rather spend time setting up sia/storj/filecoin/swarm, or expending my farm, than spend time (and money) replotting every time a new coin comes up.


I watched chives profitability last 3 month, and it was higher than on chives. I can replot my disks in ~2 month with madmax plotter, and I will not destroy SSD because k29 plots will fit in ram. But I don’t know chives profitability 2 month later.

You can fit the space in each hard drive and not covered for K32 plots for chives and or assign a percentage of the hardware to chives. With this and in case something goes wrong, you are not assigning all the “fruits” to the same basket.


I already done it a month ago. Chiaforkcalculator shows correct numbers. If you want to do it today it will definitely be better.

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Planning to do the same once all my disks are full in next few days. Will start by replacing Chia OG plots and as if Chives is still significantly more profitable on a few weeks continue wit Pool-Plots.

I still believe in Chia as project therefore I am planning to sell my XCC for XCH and keep my node running with a few TBs.

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Yesterday, i desided to replotting a half chia plots to chives, let’s see what happens in a month.

Chia with her idea and development team is a leader. I think will be better to wait a few months.:+1:t3:

Yep. I also changed part of my income for chia.

It’s true, but I think all everyone here would like to make more profit. :space_invader:

If everyone will replot to chives, difficulty will rise, and profit will go down. This is what stopped me month ago. It like PoW forks vs Etherium: when a lot of people switch from eth to profitable fork, its profitability goes down

Where did you get this numbers? 200 Tb on chia will bring 5,45$/day, and the same amount on chives will be 18,89$/day.

What are these chives everybody is crazy about?

It is chia fork with non compatible plots. To farm it you must re-plot your disks.

How do you get those numbers?

200 * 0,00025 * $190 = 9,5 USD

Chiacalculator seems to agree with me :innocent:

Chives indeed brings more at the moment, about double