[RESOLVED] Plot count in UI doesn't match count from log file

UI Shows:

Log line shows:

2021-09-18T10:39:23.947 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO     2 plots were eligible for farming 73333c006f... Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.16899 s. Total 1999 plots

Restarted machine 1 day ago (had some pending OS updates and Chia 1.2.7 upgrade) so I don’t think it’s an out of sync issue…

Any ideas?

Can you count the actual number of plot files manually to know exact answer? I tend to believe the log output as the gui was known for reporting inaccurate number of plots (though usually less than actual).

There are some other threads reporting plot fallout due to usb disk disconnects or network mounting instability. I don’t know if this applies in your case.

Good question - it’s across a bunch of /mnt entries (18) but I can work my way through it to count the totals.

Oh boy this is embarrassing… I was tail -f debug.log and the log rolled over and tail stopped updating, that’s why the counts were stuck at 1999.


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Gotta love logrotate!
I used it once for backups (not that bad of an idea heh?)