Restart after Upgrade?

Is it necessary to reboot the Win10 harvester after an upgrade of Chia, like 1.7.1 to 1.8?

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Havn’t you seen the movie? :grinning:

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Windows? I don’t if it’s just an antivirus patch. If it’s ‘update Tuesday,’ it might just happen whether you want it to or not.

No, you don’t have to reboot the machine after upgrading Chia.

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I did. No good peers stuck otherwise, they all kept being dropped.

I did reboot after a few days, because one HDD was failing to show up.

I wouldn’t recomend Windows for farming nor plotting. There are several reason why a linux system is better: Security, Performance, Power consumption.

oh you wouldn’t and you must be … who?

Sure Linux is better, no doubt, but can’t be arsed to learn it. Been running Chia for two years on it with 540 tib.

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I am only one guy who is working in the IT. And you are a windows user? :smiley:

half of the users in this forum and i believe in the world are windows users

If you wrote down what you say and read it back you might laugh…

So you have your answer! Why you should use windows to plot when for example ubuntu is 10% faster? Why you should use Windows for farming when a unix based system uses less resources and is much better in terms of security?

The reason is you are to lazy to use it!

Just think I’ve found somebody to sell my cars blinker fluid too.

The point is your happy to dig fence posts with a coffee spoon, and other people use a post hole digger. :joy:

Chia farming is all about energy efficiency, a headless linux system will always be faster and more efficient than any GUI counterpart, in the end it’s about maximizing your rewards. I get the feeling that many people are afraid of learning new things, Linux is really not that hard to learn anymore, certainly with distro’s like mint, pop OS and ubuntu. I am a long time windows user too (starting from MSDos 3.0 era), and I am still using it for day to day work and gaming. But honestly I am getting fed up with Microsoft bloating up their OS with an unusable start menu, stupid slow search, ads and what not (Cortana?? :crazy_face:). Was it not for gaming I would have switched some years ago to Linux, but they are getting close with Steam and Proton.

It’s not about Windows versus Linux, but about you already HAVE powerful windows pc you would like to use as plotter/farmer. Why should i turn home datacenter into just linuxish chia farmer? Why should i be botherd playing around with WSL as well? Why do i need listem how to handle my stuff from students? (not you daddy :upside_down_face:).

p/s i’m in there there since ms dos 6.0

I hear you :slight_smile: . Reality is that most of the development of the Chia ecosystem happens on Linux, so it is easy to understand where the performance will be. Windows has become such a resource hog that it is simply not up to par with Linux, but hey it’s a free world, you got to do what you got to do ;).

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Why is everybody obsessed with performance of plotting? I remember i did plots a YEAR ago, yeah i really need performance to make plots :rofl:

I hear you too man

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