Retrieving XCH from a wrong address

When I changed my pool several months ago, I was pretty sure I did everything right as I checked step by step. It turns out I made a very silly mistake and didn’t notice until few days ago. Today, I finally investigated and concluded that my farming rewards went to Spacepool instead to my wallet. I am 29 XCH short and I still don’t know how and if I can get those back. I guess it all depends of their goodwill. I have a csv list of all payouts with dates, Transaction Hashes and sums. Spacepool site does not have any contact info or suggestions. I came across some Discord recommendations, but I wonder if that is the most efficient way to go.
Anyone had a similar experience and possible recommendation how to resolve this?

If by spacepool you mean, discord is the best way to reach them, they were very helpfull when i joined and hadnt claimed a block that was waiting to be claimed ( nft ) .
Thet sent it to me.

Good luck, it is literally down to good faith / will though.